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First stop, São Paulo.
Its 7am we're exhausted and excited at the same time - after a semi-terrible 10hr flight - we  step foot outside only to realize how thick the air is and how you can feel its humidity on your skin. Temperatures are rising and we're 1 hour away from the house. 
Suddenly we get the feeling that it's going to be a long day... 

First thing to know: only grab the essentials when you leave the house, you don't want to draw to much attention to yourself;

Our apartment was really close to pretty much everything but it's  huge metropolis so we mostly moved from point to point by car - uber. 
Our itinerary was kindly provided by our good paulistas friends which made our trip a lot easier.

It was like having our own private city guide.

/ avenida paulista /

The city never stops and rush hour is insane.
Avenida Paulista was our first stop - they say its the center of everything in São Paulo - and I have to agree. 
From street art to rustle, you see people going and coming, you see a city moved by the people. 

Has it starts to get darker the city noise gets lower and you can hear the music and from local bars.
Everyone gathers for some drinks and chips - fritas as they say -  marking the end of another day.

It was exactly what we did...

Second thing to know: uber is very inexpensive and if you share with friends its better than public transportation;

Having friends there allowed us to take the experience to another level. We not only went to tourist locations but we also got to know other charming parts of city. 

/ panoramic view /

/ parque ibirapuerta /

São Paulo feels you up with mixed feelings of both excitement and sadness. 
It's size makes everyone feel small and powerless but it's energy is so high, sometimes you forget the ugly reality and the poverty that surrounds you. 
It bothered me how come such a great place can make you feel uneasy.

Third thing to know: their food is incredible... specially the beans and rice.

By the end of day 4 we had checked every box in our itinerary and just like that it was time to leave...

/ parque ibirapuerta | beco do batman /

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