There's nothing more personal than a person's own scent...
They have the power to bring back lost memories, remind us of  people we know and we've met and make us feel confident. 

Miss Dior is one of those perfumes that you either love or hate. It's the perfect sweet scent, but not overpowering.
The packaging is the most adorable piece of perfume bottle I've ever had and it looks incredible in my vanity. 
I only wear it on special occasions - dates and night outs - and I always get so many compliments on how I smell which makes me very happy ahah 

I've talked before on the blog about perfumes but they were more spring related scents and this one is definitely more a winter scent but I might keep wearing it during summer and spring too just to see how it reacts with those warm nights!

If you're looking for a sweet scented perfume, give this one a try and I'm sure you will not regret it! Plus the bottle will only make your vanity even cuter than already is!

See you soon,
Ana Leote

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