Last Christmas I received a brush set from Tiger. As a makeup up artist I have to say I was a bit skeptical towards them but they manage to capture my curiosity because to the touch they were really soft and I thought, why not give it a try. 

Well, I did tried them and here's what I think about each of them: 
The kit comes with 10 brushes - 1 powder; 2 - blush; 3/4 - eyeshadow; 5 - angled brush; 6 - lip; 7 - sponge ; 8 - liner; 9 - comb; 10 - spooly; 

The first two brushes are super soft, like clouds really. I use them the most, being  my favorite the blush/contour one. 
The eyeshadow brushes were equally good except the bristles are bit hard to the touch (maybe because they're so very new) so you need to be very gentle when applying the eyeshadow or you will hurt your eyelid. This something that doesn't really bother me on the angled brush, because I use it to do eyebrows and the hard bristles make the job less messy and you have more control when doing it. 
The lip and sponge didn't disappoint either - again the lip one had hard bristles but in this case it didn't really matter - perfect for lip glosses you find in makeup palettes. I find the sponge perfect to smudge liner and blend it, especially on the lower lash line - gives a beautiful intense smokey effect.
Another favorite is the liner brush. The slight angle allows you to do your eyeliner - gel or liquid - perfectly! I can't live without this one, I bring it with me everywhere I go - makeup jobs of course ahah - it's my recent must have item! 
The comb and spooly are two of those brushes you really don't appreciate until you actually need them. I always carry one of each - usually smaller - so they just make my collection even more complete. 

Overall, I find this cute little set a good starter kit for those of you starting in to makeup and have no idea what to get. I would add a blending brush and a foundation brush just to complete it. 

Have you tried this set? 
Would you try it? 

See you soon,
Ana Leote

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