For the longest time the Garnier Micellar water was my favorite product to use to remove my makeup - I talked a little about it here - but since I tried the Corine de Farme one, I can't see myself going back to the Garnier one. 
This one removes all the make up, leaving my skin clean without feeling too dry or itchy from all the rubbing. 
It doesn't smell of anything really, something that bother me about the Bioderma and Garnier - they both have a tiny scent of alcohol.
I can't say enough good things about this product. I use it everyday whether to remove makeup or to just clean my face before I wash it. 
It also removes eye makeup without having to rub too much. I haven't tried it with water proof mascara (because I never use those) but once I do, I'll let you know! 

The bottle has 500ml of product, which is a lot and will last you a long a time - I have mine for over three months or so and it still looks like I've bought it last month.

The only thing that bothers me about the Corine de Farme Micellar water is the pump. I'm not one to complain about pumps, I mean, I love when my foundations come with one but in this case, the pump is not a good idea. Every time I pump it in to a cotton disk most of  it goes everywhere else except the cotton disk, which is a waste and very frustrating. It usually comes a lot more than you actually need but after a few uses you manage to control that (by not pushing the pump too hard or too quick). Another issue that I have with this pump is that I sometimes like to use q-tips to remove my eyeliner (this way I don't rub my eyes) but with a pump it's kind of tricky and once a again you'll end up wasting a ton of product. 
Thankfully the bottle is huge, otherwise it wouldn't last you a long time. 

Overall, I'm a huge fan of this micelar water and I'm considering trying other things from their collection! 

What about you? Have you tried anything from Corine de Farme? 
If so, let me know about it in the comments below! 

See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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