Looking back on 2014
Last year I wrote a post with the exact same title and since the year is almost over, I went back to read what I wrote and see what resolutions I actually accomplished throughout 2014.
Apparently, I did the majority of them which is incredible since it was my first year of setting some resolutions.
My first and second resolution complemented each other. The first one  was to eat healthier and the second one was to exercise more! I have to say, I did both and I ended up loosing weight and get fitter, something I never thought I could do because of how lazy I am. Luckily I have a great gym buddy who pushes me and inspires me to finish the workouts even when I don't really want to! 
I completely failed the third resolution - saving money for travelling - so I'm keeping this one for the next year! 
My forth and last resolution for 2014 was to say Yes more and I believe I did but I think this one still needs some improvement so I'm going to keep it also for the next year! 

2014 was an interesting year. So far my favorite one! I loved turning 22 and I also loved how in control of my own life I was! I decided I was going to make choices keeping in mind what I wanted from life and not what others wanted me to do and believe it or not that's the most liberating thing in the world. I had great internship opportunities and I got to work with incredible and foreign make up artists. 
I also started my secret project that I hope to launch soon which makes me really excited for 2015! 
Regarding my blog, I'm really happy where it is right now. I got to a point where I finally managed to be consistent and still post quality posts. I'm glad you all are also enjoying my content and I can't wait to be more creative and share more of what I have planned for the blog with you! 

New Years Resolutions 
Saving money for travelling! Since I failed this one last year, I'm setting this one has a gold too and maybe by this time, I'll be telling you about my amazing travels! 
Say yes more! You will never know where this can take you and how great experiences might come your way if you say yes! 
Finish a reading challenge! I love to read and I always start the year well but then I get distracted and I never finish the goodreads challenge that I set for myself so I'm turning this into a resolutions and I might finish one for the first time! 
Getting my driver's licence! This one was quiet impossible until a few days ago. I finally got a full time job which will allow me to get my drivers licence! So I'll need to save for that too and I hope by this time next year I'll have mine!! 

I really enjoyed 2014 and I'm also scared that 2015 might not be so great but all I can hope for is that it will and I'll work my but off to make it as good or better than 2014! 

Now it's your time to share with me how was 2014 for you and what are your New Year resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! 

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