There's nothing more exciting than Christmas eve when you're a child. The anticipation for Santa to arrive with all those presents you wished for when you wrote that letter weeks before. I don't know about you, but when I was little we used to get in the mail the Toys 'R Us magazine filled with toys (obviously) and their names, which made my letter a lot easier to understand. My parents only had to compare both and choose which toys to give me that year. 

My list was usually quiet the long one. As a kid I pretty much wanted everything that had pink in it, specially Barbies and Polly Pockets. 
I have a lot of memories of being a kid and loving the feeling of waking up earlier than everyone else and go in the kitchen to be the first to see the huge red bag standing there on top of the stove, filled with presents. Of course I had to wait until everyone else was up, and that wait was always so nerve wracking to the point, that I'm pretty sure, I would just wake everyone up so that I could start opening the presents!! 
To this day, I think one of the best gifts I got was a Barbie doll House, which at the time was almost the same size as me, so you can imagine how excited my 5 year old self was that day. The best about this gift was that, my mom played me, saying Santa forgot to send the house and only left the Barbie doll. I remember being so sad ahah but then she pulled something from being the stove and it was huge. It could only be the house!! I was really excited as you can imagine. I still have that house, stored in my vacation house! 

I also remember when Christmas stopped being so thrilling. First year of primary school, one of my teachers decided to tell everyone in the class that Santa didn't exist and it was all along our parents buying us the presents. Well of course, it would come a time where my parents would have to tell me that it was all them, but ruining the Christmas fantasy just for the sake of it, its just wrong! I mean, I was six and I remember being really mad at that teacher! It's safe to say that Christmas that year was not that fun...

From that point on, I knew what to expect every year. I would still make a list but instead of writing it to a magical person, I would write it to my mom and as usual she would never disappoint me. 

That lasted until I started asking for money instead and all that giving presents thing stopped happening. I mostly get money from family relatives so I get to buy something for or save it for later. I wish sometimes that people still gave each other presents instead of money. I think that looking for something to give others and put that much thought in to a present is really fun and more personal but I get why giving money is easier. 

Now that I'm older, Christmas means something entirely different. I get to spend it with my family. We're not a huge one but it's always fun. The food is always incredible and I really treasure those moments where we sit at the table and talk about non stop about everything and anything at the same time.  

Now that I have poured my Christmas memories, I want to hear some of yours. I bet you have incredible ones to tell! 

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