Saying NO can be a though thing for me people with lack of assertiveness - hum, me! 

Sometimes it's hard to say no to the people we care about, just because we want them to know we're here for anything. What I've learned is that's still true even when you say No and they just need to respect your decision without even asking WHY. 

For the longest time, I felt really bad for saying no to people, simply because I didn't want to disappoint them, specially regarding jobs and interviews. The problem here is that people start taking you for granted and what happened a few times was that I ended up working for free and doing the same amount of work that they would pay other people to do.

That's not right and above all I was selling myself short, which is unacceptable! From that point on, I decided I was never going to say Yes to more "internships" or "learning experiences" because those are are the same as "working for free", unfortunately.

Regarding my blog, I've had to turn down a few opportunities simply because they didn't fit my content. At first I felt really bad but if it didn't fit my blog and content why should I be promoting something just for the sake of it? It didn't seem right and in life we already have to do some many things we don't like so why should I fill this little space with clutter just for a few euros. 

   Be polite, explain your reasons and other opportunities will come. 

It took me awhile to start standing up to myself and my beliefs and I still struggle with it sometimes...

What about you? 
Do you find it easy or hard to say no to things in your life?


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