I have the opportunity to show you my city through my blog and I don't know why I haven't thought about this before. I came up with this idea for a new blog topic that I called Lisbon Tour. Basically what it means is that I'll share with you Lisbon through my camera lens.  

For my first post, I chose Jardim das Amoreiras (Amoreiras Park) due to it's meaning. I've spent most of my childhood here, playing around with my kindergarten friends and with my grandfather. It was actually a "tradition", every time my grandpa picked me up from kindergarten, to come to this park and while he would sit at the kiosk reading the newspaper and I would be running around playing with other kids my age.

As of now, I'll try once a week to post a different location :) I hope you like this new blog topic!

  Enough chitchat, enjoy the photos! 

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