I've talked about this beauty in my August favorites post, and I promised you a review so without further do, let's start this!
I'm a huge fan of body lotions, specially the ones that smell incredible. There's something about applying a nice body cream or butter after a  shower that I absolutely love! 

As someone who loves to take showers before going to bed, I find warm scents very relaxing and deeply comforting. So when I first tried the Dove Silky body cream, it felt like I found something I never knew I was looking for. The consistency is really thick and creamy but light at the same time, making it easy to blend with the skin - most thick lotions tend to be not so easy when it comes to blending - it leaves your skin moisturized for about two days with no applications in between - this for me is what makes the Dove Silky body cream an amazing product because you don't need to be constantly applying it. I can't describe the scent but what I can say is that it's sweet and warm. Absorbs so quickly that you can use it in the mornings and still be able to put on skinny jeans - for those out there that apply moisturizer in the mornings, know how difficult it is sometimes to put on skinny jeans after and nobody has time for that! 

Dove has become one of my favorite brands. I absolutely love their hand creams and shower gels and now I'm in love with the body cream. Next thing I need to try is their body lotions.

   Have you tried Dove's Silky body cream? 
Do you enjoy Dove's products? 

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