Hi everyone! 
  Let me introduce you my latest purchase, the Canon 700D or T3i.  
I'm really familiar with Canon and their cameras because, two of my closest friends own one - I think both of them have the Canon 500D - so every time we went to a special place or on vacation they would let me play with it. 
I've always wanted one. Although my friends, let me borrow theirs whenever I needed a good camera, it's not the same thing as owning one so when the opportunity came up I simply took it. 
Before I bought it, I took a lot of things into consideration (I do this frequently when I "need" to spend a lot of money on something), besides the money, which was a lot even though I got in on sale, I needed to buy it for the right reasons and what better reason than my blog? It has been slowly growing and for what I plan to do in the future I definitely need a better camera so it was a no brain er when I found out about this kit.
It came with two lenses - 18-55mm and a 55-250mm - plus battery, USB cable, strap and a few more things. I have to say,  the body alone was 700€, I think, and I bought the kit for 889€ (on sale, because it was 999€) so totally worth it.

The first day the camera arrived, I tried the lenses just to get a sense of the minimum and maximum zoo of each:


The quality is incredible and I'm so impressed by this camera, I can't even contain my excitement every time I speak about it. 

  What about you, what camera do you own?
Ps: this blog is the first post of my "blogging everyday in November" challenge!! 

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