You don't need the latest laptop or camera to blog, the most important thing is passion and loving what you do. When those two, are combined with some extra tools boom you have your blogging equipment set up. 
  The tools I use the most to get this blog updated and running are:

Laptop - You need a place where you write and store all your images. My laptop is my go to for blogging. Besides storing, I also depend on the programs and software I have installed to help me improve my photos and videos. 

Camera - A blog should always have pictures and for that you need a camera. I'm not saying you need an expensive one - throughout my first year of blogging I used a point and shoot camera for all my posts. I believe the image composition is more important than the camera you use. So choose one within your budget and experiment.

Tripod - I find this really helpful to stabilize photos. Sometimes, if I'm more stressed I have a tendency for shaky hands, and with the help of the tripod I manage to take photos without being out of focus or shaky.

Iphone - My phone has become a great help. Mostly for social media but I also use it for writing down posts ideas and tasks reminders. 

I don't need much to help me with my blog, just time and creativity.
What equipment do you use daily?


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