25 BEFORE 25

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I have a board called "Bucket List" well I decided to give a it a deadline and try to accomplish 25 things before I turn 25 which is in 3 years! I hope this way, I feel the right amount of pressure to go through with at least half of them. 

Move out
Live 6 months to a year in London, Sidney and LA
Get a tattoo
Take a photo everyday for a year 
Travel around Europe with friends
Spend a night at hotel just because I feel like it
Paint my hair with the opposite color without telling anyone
Create a memory box and only open it in 10 years
Got to Brasil
Go to New York 
Own a car
Get my drivers licence
Go to Hawaii
Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
Got to Disney Land
Get a cat
Got to several amusement parks 
See an orca
Go to South Africa
Attend a blogging convention/meeting
Learn a different language
See the Northern Lights
Have pastel hair
Get a puppy
Learn how to surf 

I challenged you to do the same. Set three years from now, and create a list of things you wish to accomplish in that time. 
Ps - they are not in order :) 

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