If there is something I'm picky with is mascaras. I hate whey they clump all my lashes together or smudge everywhere. It completely ruins every look you try to pull it off and I have to say, I always do a lot of re-search before I buy a new one! 

In 2009 I found the one! It had two wands and both worked perfectly and I'm really sad that I never got to buy more because since then I can't find it in any of the drugstores near me!! The mascara I'm talking about is the Nivea Double Black Designer. The good thing is that I didn't throw it away, so I apply my mascara as usual and then I finish the look by brushing a little with the dry wands. 

  For the purpose of this post/review, I didn't do that obviously  hahah  


Not to brag or anything, but I do think I have a good amount of lashes so it's actually hard for me to see a difference when I apply mascara, even though  they look more defined and dark the result it's not the same as if I had smaller lashes but anyway the photo above is my eye without anything on.
The photo below is that same eye with two coats of  Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express in the shade Black. 

The photo shows exactly the result I get when I apply it. You can see that they get thicker and longer and the bottom lashes get darker, defining the eyes without looking like I have mascara on. 
I have to be honest, I didn't know if  I was going to like this one when I bough it. The wand was not my favorite thing in the world when I first looked at it but I'm glad I gave this product a run and I found a mascara that I can trust that will last all night, doesn't smudge (at least not on me) and my lashes look "natural" even though they have product on - which is my favorite thing about this! 
Overall, I really enjoy this mascara and although I like to finish every look with  Nivea's mascara, seeing this photos makes me realize that I don't really need that step... 

What's your favorite mascara? 

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