When you have really dry skin, the thing to look for is shower gels without soap!
Klorane is one of my favorite brands out there when it comes to dry shampoos and as of a few weeks back I became a fan of their shower gels. 

I started using them because my mom wanted to try something different from what she usually buys. The first one she got was the Soffio Mediterraneo (the blue packaging) and we immediately got addicted to the scent and creme consistency. Since one wasn't enough, she then got a second one, the Essenza di Bosco (the green packaging) and between the two I can't choose the scent I enjoy the most! 
The fact that both of them have a neutral Ph and don't contain soap in their formulas is great for my dry and sensitive skin.

Since using this, I don't feel the need to moisturizer my skin as much as I used to because they provide a good amount of moisture to the skin, perfect for the lazy people like me that don't always have the will power to apply body lotion everyday. 
If you  have the opportunity to try one of this from their collection, please do! They have my stamp of approval ahah

Have you tried anything from Klorane?


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