Autumn has arrived (according to my calendar) but besides a few rainy days, the sun has been shinning every single day and it's actually hot outside, so for those of us who haven't yet experienced much of the season, I thought of compelling a list of little things that will immediately make you feel like summer is over and Autumn is here!
  • Changing perfumes - I always go for something warmer and sweet scented
  • Wearing Scarves - now it's really hot for that but I can't wait to start wearing them!  
  • Burning pretty candles
  • Sundays in bed watching movies or tv shows
  • Hot cocoa 
  • Burgundy nails  
  • Red lips 
  • Winged liner
  • Burgundy jeans
  • Boots 
  • Starbucks  Cafe Mocha 
  • Lush baths 
  • knits 
  • Comfy sweaters 
  • black & white
  • horror movies
What about you? What are the things that remind you of Autumn?

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