Being organised is not something that comes natural to me. I think the best way to describe my organization is "a beautiful mess". By this I mean that I'm organised in my own way and when someone tries to help me by organizing my stuff to their own liking, it always ends up with me looking everywhere because I can't find anything!

When it comes to my blog that doesn't really work, I've tried believe me! It took me a while to get everything in order, before being organised for me it needs to be functional or I would loose my mind over so much planning and organizing so here a 3 tips that work for me and for my blog:

Calendars / Planners / Phone - Everything I need I write on my phone. It's the one thing that I carry everywhere, even when I'm in a more forgetful kind of day  I can assure you that my phone is something I never forget. Appointments or scheduling blog post, you can always find them on my Iphone calendar, in my notes and on my favorite app - Timeful. This way if I ignore one of them, I have two more to remember me of the stuff I need to do that day or week!

Lists -  Lists are the best way that I find to organize my mind. Sometimes I have a lot to do and If I list everything on my notebook, my day will be more organized and less stressful. I have lists for everything!

Schedule - My best friend regarding blogging! Every weekend, I go through my calendar and look through my ideas and I draft a few blog posts. The day before the post goes live I read it two times, one in the morning and one at night to make sure everything is perfect!

Post its - The most effective way to never forget what you have to do. I always cover my laptop with post its with messages so the next day I don't forget to do something. Sometimes those messages say something " look at the notebook" or " call mom". It may seem stupid, but for someone like me who's attention spam is not great, this helps me a lot!

Did this helped in any way? What are the methods that work best for you?

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