As an Iphone addict I have a few favorite apps that I can't live with for the various reasons!
Sometimes I get really upset because I own the Iphone 4 with 8GB and- this might sound stupid but - sometimes that's not enough space when there are so many good apps in the app store! Just a minor problem among real ones but nonetheless a struggle of mine ahah  
One thing I've learn for sure is to separate the apps I need and the ones that I like but don't really use. For 3 years I've been through a lot of them and these are the ones that survived the cut: 

Instagram: My favorite for all the obvious reasons. I love photography and being able to follow other peoples photos and see through their eyes is really interesting! 

Snapchat: For when you're bored ahah It's so much fun, I love snapchating my little sister. We always make the weirdest faces! 

Twitter: I don't use twitter that much, because I feel like I don't really have much to share or say but it's great to get in touch with other bloggers.  

WhatsApp: Group chats and pretty much the only way I communicate with my friends

Dropbox: Perfect to store images and documents from my computer that I need to have access on my phone. This also helps with the fact that If I want to post a photo that I have on my pc to Instagram or Twitter I can just drop it in the dropbox and It doesn't occupy that much space. 

Spotify: The only reason I have spotify - free version - on my phone is to have some sort of music that I can listen when I have WiFi, because actually having a playlist of 20 songs on my phone takes up too much space! 

Pinterest: For lovely phone backgrounds and also to keep you distracted when you're in uncomfortable situations like waiting rooms at doctors appointments.

Timeful: I plan everything with this one and it always helps with my organisation system. 

VSCO: To edit all my instagram photos. It has the best filters and you can also edit manually the photo to your liking.

Squaready: If you don't want your photo to be squared on instagram, open this one and choose the size you want. It will give you the white borders you see on your favorite instagrams,

Vine: Although I don't post anything on vine, it's a 6 second video app that I like to check once in a while and see what the people I follow are posting. 

These are my favorite apps, I also have a few others but it's on the Ipad! I'll problably do a similar post with those. 

What are your favorite apps at the moment?

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