Dior Serum de Rouge was a gift I received last year, around Christmas. And ever since it's one of my favorite lipsticks. 
With spf 20, it's formula is really creamy, sheer and glossy without the sticky feeling of a gloss! That for me is a plus because I don't really like glosses... 

It keeps the lips moisturized all day and it's easy to re-apply, although the durability is really great so I don't think you'll need to re-apply it that much. Bare in mind that this lipstick is a bit sheer so if you want a more intense color, use a lip pencil before and the result will be great - I do this on night outs. 

Every time I use the Dior Serum de Rouge, I don't feel the need to constantly apply lip balm, something I do with other lipsticks and that's probably why I love it so much! 
I would like to try the coral shades, just to see how they look on me, because I've only seen swatches on other people and I think they would be perfect for Spring and Summer! 

The shade I'm using is Raspberry Serum #760.

Have you tried any of the Dior Serum de Rouge ?
What do you think of the color? 

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