I've been around for about a year now, which means I'm still learning but it doesn't mean I haven't notice a few things that I think bloggers should and shouldn't be doing. A lot of bloggers already did something like this on their blogs and I thought of sharing my own DO'S and DON'TS when Blogging. 

DO write down your ideas. For a few months I thought this was not really necessary... well I was completely wrong! Having a notebook always with you is the best option but if you prefer you can always use the notes on your phone.  
You'll never know when inspiration comes and you need to be prepared!  

DON'T ask for follow backs. It's annoying and in the end the person behind the blog might not even check your blog because of that. 

DO take your own photos. I know Pinterest has incredible pictures but they are not yours and I feel like your blog deserves better. If possible, take the time to capture photos that complement your blog posts. You don't need a fancy camera, you can always use your phone! 

DON'T steal content and/or images from other bloggers. Inspiration is one thing and it's impossible to not feel inspired when you have so many amazing bloggers out there. Copying is completely different and so wrong in so many ways. It makes you and your blog look bad. If you want to share something with your followers that you found online, simple ask first and give credit. 

DO your re-search. Before writing about a controversial topic, please do some re-search first or you will end up looking like an ignorant and your followers will not take you seriously the next time. 

DON'T use small fonts. I'm sorry but I spent so many hours behind a computer, the last thing I want is to read a huge post with tiny fonts. 

DO plan a head. Bloggers block is normal so if you plan ahead when it hits you, you will not need to worry about it because you were prepared! If you keep a notebook with you  this task will become extremely easy.

DON'T use light fonts on a white background. It's extremely painful having to read a huge blog post written in a light font, so please don't do it. 

DO be yourself. In the end it's your personally that will get people engaged with your content. There's nothing wrong about being "weird" or "quirky" because that's a lot better than being completely dull. 

DON'T compare yourself. It doesn't really matter if said blogger has a thousand followers and you don't. Work hard, be unique and enjoy the ride. 

These are a few things that I do and don't do when it comes to blogging! Most of them are common sense so I'm pretty sure all of you are aware of them but I think it's never too much to share them anyway. 

Now, its up to you, what are your blogging DO'S and DON'TS? 

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