If you're new to this blog you might be thinking "wow she got through college like a champ and now she's giving us her secret". I could fool you that way but most of you know that I did went to college but only for a short period of time which means I don't really have that much insight on that subject...

Now is the time you ask yourself why is she writing a post about Surviving College...

Well, I happened to know a few good people that accomplish what I couldn't and on top of that they Survived College and are a few months from Graduating. So I asked three of them for help they said yes, so let's see what  piece of precious information I gathered.

Inês | Dentistry Student
"Study Hard, Play Hard! 
The next 3 years are going to be the best of your academic life so live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment. However, keep in mind that parties do not accomplish academic degrees so it's important to find a balance and between partying and studying.  
The road isn't always easy. Don't quit at the first adversity because you'll always find a way of conquer it no matter how difficult it is.
Do what you like and not what other want you to do.
Make friends. No one gets through college alone, everyone needs a support system and the some of those peers might become really good friends.
Last but not least, you're always on time to change directions. If you don't really like the major you're taking and if after many tries you manage to feel like it's not for you, you can always start over and choose something that suits you better. "

Marta | Hospitality Management Student
"I only have one thing to say and it's not even about surviving college but I'm going to share with you anyway: If giving the opportunity to spend a semester aboard studying, take it! It's the best thing experience you can ever ask for! 
Studying everyday it's unrealistic and nobody does it but by my own experience that only makes everything more stressful than it should be so try and read something everyday. It will make your life a lot easier and you will see that even though you studied everyday you also did everything else like going out etc"

Mery | Lawyer Student  
" Don't Panic. When you're stress over something, just calm down and evaluate the situation because once you loose control over something everything will follow behind making it hard to get back it again.
Go to orientation. That week exists for you to get around campus and get to know a lot of new people that might become your friends. You are all in the same boat so might as well help each other. 
Studying a bit everyday will help a lot, even if it's just reading before bed.
Go to parties. Its the best way to socialize with a bunch of different people and to get to know the outside the class room.
 Don't get to dazzled about meeting new people it's important to find a balance between studies and socialize and if you find a great group of peers they will help you find that balance.
Actually going to classes makes your life a lot more easier and if you find a good study group it will also improve your grades.
Peer Pressure. Don't force yourself to do something you're not ready to do just because some people you think are your friends tell you to do. If they pressure you to do something they are not really your friends and those are not the king of people you should be surrounded by so choose wisely the people you want to be around. "

Along with their useful statements I also have something to add that College of Life taught me:
Naps aren't just for babies so whenever you find the time to take one, just do it! You'll never know when you're going to have the opportunity to sleep again. 
Organization is your favorite word and you must live by it like a mantra. 
Procrastination is your biggest enemy. I know how hard it is sometimes to focus on something you have to do, and instead do something completely different like spending hours on Tumblr or Pinterest, but you have to force yourself and finish important tasks before going through beautiful boards.

Just remember, College years are supposedly the best ones of your school life. 
You must be brave and adventure yourself in to stepping out of your comfort zone so when it's over, you'll look back and realize what incredible memories and stories you have to share.


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