“A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”  - Coco Chanel 

I wouldn't be so dramatic but I have to agree with such wised words. I always feel more confident when I'm using the right perfume. 
How interesting it is, that a simple habit of spritzing a few times over your neck and your clothes can make you feel completely different.If you think about it, the sense of smell is actually incredible. Like when you smell something that feels familiar and immediately  a memory starts to appear in your head or like how attractive people become just by wearing the right perfume and how dull people seem to be just because they don't smell of anything. 

  Have you ever thought about this? 

I'm sure one of these situations has happened to you at least once, so how can you leave the house without perfume? Well, answering my rhetorical question,  you simply can't. 
But how do you find your signature perfume? The one that really fits you and your skin type? This is actually harder than you think. 

Look at me for example, I've used perfume pretty much since I was 8 or 9 or maybe younger, I had this Lion King perfume that I used all the time.  

I started to use more stronger scents about the time I reach 10 years old and since then I tried a lot of them - each birthday and Christmas I asked for a new one. 
I can say that I still haven't found the one that I feel like it's the perfect one for me. I do have a type though, I much rather use strong sweet scented perfumes than light and floral ones, the reason being  that I like when it last at the whole day and with more light perfumes that doesn't happen. The only time I really enjoy and crave for more floral based scents is during spring and summer.

The beauty departments are not the most helpful when it comes to choosing a perfume. You have so many cute and adorable bottles everywhere which makes you think of  how do I find my perfect scent, when I have so many to choose from?  Well, first I don't think a woman or a man should always smell the same, so if you think that too, you just made your life a lot easier - you can own more than one cute bottle! The reason is simple, you don't feel the same every time you wake up so why should you smell the same?

   I have two rules when it comes to buying new perfumes that might help you:

Experimenting is the key. Each time you go to a perfume counter, try the one that you think it might suit you and also that you feel attracted to, then ask a friend for an honest opinion. There's going to be a time when that friend will tell you how much he/she likes that scent on you and that's how you know a fragrance really suits you.
Don't buy all perfumes with the same undertone - vanilla, floral, citrus etc - because every occasion needs a different scent, preferably have at least 2 for different seasons - Winter and Summer - this way you won't get sick of your favorite scent and you will have two signature scents for different seasons

If you feel like your perfume doesn't last, try the ones from the men's department and see if you can find anything for you. 
There are two perfumes for men that I think suit women perfectly - Calvin Klein IN2U and Paco Rabanne Black XS. The last one, I got a sample at a music festival - SuperBock SuperRock - and I'm glad they gave me a lot of them because I'm obsessed and I'm almost out of it so I need to purchase it again. I might use  the 70%  off all items + free shipping deal that CupoNation is offering and buy myself a bottle of the Pacco Rabanne Black XS.

People are more attractive when they smell good so seems to me like the perfect reason to buy an expensive and cute bottle every now and then and don't worry if sometimes you get tired of your own perfume, you can always borrow a few spritz  from your sibling's collection - I know I do.

Have you found you signature perfumes? 
Which ones are your favorites of the moment? 


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