There is nothing like a good hair product that makes you feel like you don't need to visit a hairdresser!

I'm a huge L'Oreal fan and this year in the beginning of the summer they launched a new line and all   I can say is that these two have been my life saviors in the healthy and shiny department. I bought the Elvive Solar Defense hair mask first and I've been using it since August. The  thick consistency transforms my hair within minutes after I apply it and it stays that way until I wash it again!

As for the Solar Defense I don't know, my hair was pretty damage when I started using the hair mask so I can't say that it helped with the sun exposure but what I can say is that even though my hair is damage, when I use the hair mask, it doesn't look like it is anymore!
I got the shampoo a few weeks ago and I know it's not summer anymore but  I wanted to try it and see if it was as good as the hair mask. So far I think it's a fantastic shampoo, cleans and smooths my hair from the roots to the ends and when used with the hair mask, my hair looks really shiny and healthy and right now it's all I want!

From the two, my favorite is definitely the hair mask!

Have you tried this line? 

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