August is over and I have a lot of products to share with you plus two books that I loved this month!

I always look for products that come out during the summer time because many brands launch suited products for sun exposed hair or damage/dry hair and being my hair all and the above I take special care when picking the shampoo and conditioner. 

This year Elvive from L'Oreal launch a new line called Solar Defense. I bought the hair mask because the one I was using was over and I felt like my hair needed that extra moisture. 
After a month of using, I can say it really is a good mask and I would definitely recommend it to all of you that want to try a new mask. 

Garnier also launched some new products and I fell in love with the scent of this Ultra Suave. Leaves the hair so soft and smelling so incredibly good, perfect for summer nights when you leave your hair dry out without any hot tools! 

Body & Face
Hydrated is my key word all year long and I take extra care during the summer because my skin is over exposed to the sun even when I'm not laying in the sun. 

As I said before, After Sun is super important and my go to when I'm on a budget is this Ambre Solaire from Garnier. I can always count on it to make my skin look and feel perfectly smooth plus the scent is so summery which brings all these memories from previous summer holidays. 

For those days when I felt like my skin needed a little extra moisture I applied a bit of the Dove Silky body lotion. It's thick formula turns even the driest skins into silk! This one was actually mentioned by one of my readers and when I saw it at the store I decided to try it and I'm so glad I did, thank you for the recommendation! 

Due to hot weather my face has a tendency to become more dry than usual so I brought with me the La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Riche, one of my favorite moisturizers to use at night. It helped my skin feel less tightened and more balanced and most times I applied it after the Ambre Solaire just to give a little extra moisture.

 No one likes to talk or write about feet but I found this little gem and I had to share it with you! 

Vichy Podexine was my salvation this summer! I have a tendency to have dry feet, especially during the spring and summer time mostly because I walk barefoot at home - this includes my summer house - plus a good combination of long days at the beach, my feet become super dry and horrible to the touch! Before I found this precious little thing, I used to apply Nivea creme and it solved the problem but now that I discover Vichy's Podexine I don't want anything else. From the first application I notice a huge difference in my feet and it doesn't smell bad like most feet's creme!  

If you ever need something to give your feet a little more love, just try this little wonder and see for yourself! 

Sun Exposure 
Every year, for me, it's extra hard to get a tan. My skin is very pale and I take really good care of it but I also like to have a bit of a tan and for that to happen I use any sun screen with SPF 30 or higher - depends if it is the beginning or the middle of the summer - this year I turn to Nivea Sun and their Protect and Bronze line. 

During acceptable hours - 10am - 11am / 4pm - I combined the Nivea Protect and Bronze with a Nivea Sun bronzing oil to get me a little more of a color. I never use Bronzing oils alone, I'm too self conscience about the sun damages to even think about doing such thing to my skin but once in a while I like to spray a bit in a few areas of my body that tend to be more difficult to get a tan - face and chest.

I discover the L'Oreal Sublime Sun SPF 30 at the beginning of August and let me tell you this one is a actually great! I really love the Nivea Anti Age one but this one from L'Oreal is more moisturizer and less thick without making me look oily. I'm a fan and I hope to find this new line again next year! 

Nothing new in this department, for those of you that have been following my blog know how obsessed I am with Kiko and their nail polishes. These two have been my go to every two weeks. They are the perfect summer shades and look lovely on tan hands! 
Turquoise - 387
Mint - 526

I read a lot, specially when I don't have my computer or WiFi so I brought with me a few books, being this two on paper so that's why they are the only ones showed here. I read the second book from The Maze Runner by James Dashner and I read Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I loved both of them and I recommend them to anyone, and I also recommend you to read The Maze Runner because it's an incredible book and the movie is coming out this month - September 14. 

This last one I have to blame it on my little sister, she was the one who got me addicted to this elastic bracelets that I even got her to teach me how to make them!  I owned a bunch of them right now and I even discover that some of them glow in the dark!

Here you have it, my August favorites! 
Leave some of yours in the comments or leave your blog post so I can go read them! 

See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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