One year has passed since I wrote my first post! As someone who has a tendency to give up projects and loose interest in things after they stop being new, spending a whole year blogging is actually a great accomplishment (give self a little pat in the back!).

It has been a long and amazing year! I've wrote a lot of posts that I'm really proud of like  Blog vs Magazine, Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness , Smells like spring  , Black and White and Wedding Season !

Ever since I started this blog I haven't posted that much but I promised myself and I believe I wrote in my New Years resolutions post that I would blog more frequently and the 1 year mark is the perfect excuse to change things around here!

I'm going to start posting more makeup looks and tutorials every once and while, since it's what I do for a living it should be the first thing to post here ahah
I also would  like to post more outfits but that's more complicated because I need someone to take the pictures but I'll find a solution!
Thank you for joining me on this journey and for making this past year so enjoyable one post at a time!

See you soon

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