I don't know if I ever mention Kiko Cosmetics in my blog aside from a mini haul post I wrote a few months ago, so I figured I should introduce my readers to this great Italian makeup brand.
I'm always on the look for new products and brands and this one caught my eye from the minute I walked in the store. The first thing I tried were the nail polishes and since then I bought a lot of them! The price range is the same as any drugstore brand with the perks of having there own store and you can try all the products right there!

To know which shades of nail polishes I own, just keep reading.


I own more nail polishes than any other product from this brand just because I can't contain myself every time I step a foot on that store. They are all displayed and you can try all of them. My advice would be for you to bring all your friends with you so when you have all your nails paint with different colors you can paint your friends nails and it's just makes the decision a lot easier, believe me, I do this a lot! Also the price is huge temptation, you can buy them for 2.50/3.90 pounds.

Now let's talk about what really matters, the quality! 

Well, the quality, like any other drug store differs from product to product. 
Having combination skin, I'm always afraid to try new foundations, the main reasons being breakouts or turning my face into a disco ball. 
When I found they had a matte range of foundations I was really pleased and I couldn't wait to try it. Well, that didn't happen... The lady at the store told me to buy the Skin Evolution instead so I did - she knows the makeup better than I do so I took her advice. 

I'm glad I bought the Skin Evolution foundation. It's light to medium coverage and it reminds me of the Revlon Color Stay in texture, creamy but at the same time powdery. You have to work quick and one area at the time - that's one thing that bothers me - and it dries to a powdery finish. For a more light finish, I like to spray a little water on a stippling brush and apply it and for medium coverage just use it dry. 

The shade range is really impressive (18 different shades) and I got mine in 107 Creamy Beige but I believe the right shade for me is 106 Light Beige, even though 107 looks really well under natural light and balances the green tone my skin sometimes has.
Has great durability and doesn't move or oxidase and I don't feel the need to blot or powder after a few hours so it's great when you don't have the time to touch up or you're going out and you don't have space to carry powder in your little purse.

It doesn't feel cakey or like you have foundation but if you don't prep your skin (moisturizer etc) it will cling to dry patches.

Overall it's a great foundation and I might repurchase it again once I'm finished with this bottle! 


I have mixed feelings towards these concealers. 
I really like the Soft Focus pen, works really well at covering minor dark circles and also brightens your eyes. I got the 02 Natural, the texture is really creamy and light and reminds me of the YSL Touch Eclát. The shade range is a little disappointing with only 4 shades but if you only use it as an eye lighter then I guess you don't need a lot of different shades for it to work.

Because I do have more noticeable under eye circles, I wanted something with a little more coverage so I decided to try the Skin Evolution concealer and let me tell, this one was a big disappointment. It's drys to a powder finish, like the foundation and that's terrible for your eyes. Leaves them really dry and feeling like they need a moisture bath afterwards. It creases like nothing else I've ever tried and the shade range is also really disappointing. When applied to blemishes and spots it's really difficult to blend! 

After that experience I went back and decided to try the Natural Concealer, it couldn't be worst than the Skin Evolution so why not give it a try!  Well, it's better than the other two at covering dark circles but I find it a bit pricey for the amount of product you get. Also the shade range is a little poor but better than the other two. It's creamy texture is really easy to blend but I think you can find better ones at the drug store - like Rimmel wake me up or Maybeline Fit Me concealer.


The only lip product I own from KIKO is the Precision lip pencil in the shade 305 Red Earth and I have to say I'm obsessed with it. It was a Christmas gift and since then I like to used it under any dark lipstick I own which makes them darker and  in place for a long period of time. I also used it alone, just the pencil and some lip balm and looks really good! I will definitely buy more of these lip pencils.  

I really like eyeliners and I'm getting better at it. I have to say that this Ultimate Pen was the best "teacher". It's felt tip is so easy to use and also when you do it wrong, you just need a cotton swab and a little water and remove it.  It doesn't stain the skin after you remove it - which is amazing - but that means if you have oily lids you need to prime your eyes or it will transfer or crease also set it with a black eye shadow, just in case. I don't know if I'm going to repurchase this again, I believe there are other drug store brands with better eye liners. 

Around Christmas, they came out with the Clics System , where you buy eye shadows individually and then you create your own palette and with a new line of eye shadows, called Infinity. I was a little skeptical about the quality and pigmentation but I have to say I was impressed with them. They are powdery eye shadows not like UD ones, which are more creamy, but nonetheless pigmented. I got the shade 295 Black and 240 Brown - just because these are the colors I use the most - and the size/price is incredible so I need more to keep company to these lonely two! 

Next time you visit KIKO, look for the lip pencils and the Infinity eye shadows! 


Here it is, my nail polish collection from KIKO so far!
100 - 3 in 1 Shine  
204 - French White 
274 - Gold MicroGlitter 
357 - Bright Orange 
236 - Orange Red 
361- Raspberry Pink 
313 - Heather Pink 
240 - Apple Red 
286 - Purple Red 
830 - Metallic Blue 
295 - Cerulean Blue 
340 - Light Blue 
809 - Black 

Disclaimer: all these products were bought with my own money

Have you tried any of the Kiko Cosmetics products? 
If so, which ones? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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